An on-line editor for Scalable Vector Graphics.

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After over ten years of SVG development and with SVG support of web browsers now becoming much better the time seemed right for an on-line SVG drawing tool aimed at the SVG developer.

SVG-Editor is not a drawing package with the exporting of SVG documents added as an after-thought. Rather, SVG-Editor is designed explicitly as a tool for SVG developers wishing to draw or modify SVG documents with precise control over the content of the resulting SVG document.

SVG-Editor uses a browser's native SVG renderer (or Adobe SVG-Viewer with IE 8) so it is a true WYSIWYG (bugs 'n' all) editor.

Features not currently supported by SVG-Editor will be preserved in an edited document but this is a long-term project which will have more sophisticated features added as time goes by.

SVG-Editor is available at three different levels (bronze, silver and gold) as can be seen from the home page.

Paul Hopgood
With the help of :
Gavin Wilson
Bob Hopgood
Debbie Sinmao

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